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MonoMac.CoreText.CTFontDescriptorAttributes Class

Strongly typed class that contains font attributes.

See Also: CTFontDescriptorAttributes


[MonoMac.ObjCRuntime.Since(3, 2)]
public class CTFontDescriptorAttributes


This is a class that allows developers to easily consume and configure font descriptor attributes.

c# Example

var attributes = new CTFontDescriptorAttributes () {
	FamilyName = "Times New Roman"

var fontDescriptor = new CTFontDescriptor (attributes);


Namespace: MonoMac.CoreText
Assembly: XamMac (in XamMac.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of MonoMac.CoreText.CTFontDescriptorAttributes are listed below.

See Also: Object

Public Constructors

Default constructor.
Creates a strongly typed CTFontDescriptorAttributes from a weakly typed NSDictionary.

Public Properties

BaselineAdjustNullable<float>. The Baseline Adjustment.
CascadeListIEnumerable<CTFontDescriptor>. Cascade list of font descriptors.
CharacterSetNSCharacterSet. The character set.
DictionaryNSDictionary. The NSDictionary that reflects the current values in the strongly typed CTFontDescriptorAttributes.
DisplayNameString. The font display name
EnabledBoolean. Enabled state.
FamilyNameString. The font family name.
FeaturesIEnumerable<CTFontFeatures>. The font features for a font reference.
FeatureSettingsIEnumerable<CTFontFeatureSettings>. Feature settings for the font.
FixedAdvanceNullable<float>. If set, overrides the font built-in constant advance.
FontFormatNullable<CTFontFormat>. Font format.
FontOrientationNullable<CTFontOrientation>. The font orientation.
LanguagesIEnumerable<string>. List of supported languages by the font, must be encoded in RFC3066bis standard.
MacintoshEncodingsNullable<float>. If set, the Macintosh encodings for this font.
MatrixNullable<MonoMac.CoreGraphics.CGAffineTransform>. If set, the transformation matrix used when creating the font.
NameString. The PostScript name for the font.
PriorityNullable<CTFontPriority>. The font priority used when resolving font duplicates.
RegistrationScopeNSNumber. The font registration scope.
SizeNullable<float>. The font point size, if not specified, the default 12.0 is used.
StyleNameString. The font stylename
TraitsCTFontTraits. The font traits.
UrlNSUrl. Used to access the URL for the font.
VariationCTFontVariation. Font variation.