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MonoMac.Foundation.NSStreamStatus Enumeration

The current status of an NSStream.


public enum NSStreamStatus



Member NameDescription
AtEndAt the end.
ClosedThe stream is closed.
NotOpenThe stream is not yet open.
OpenThe stream has been opened.
OpeningThe stream is in the opening state.
ReadingThe stream is reading.
WritingThe stream is writing.


Namespace: MonoMac.Foundation
Assembly: XamMac (in XamMac.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of MonoMac.Foundation.NSStreamStatus are listed below.

See Also: Enum

Public Fields

AtEndNSStreamStatus. At the end.
ClosedNSStreamStatus. The stream is closed.
ErrorNSStreamStatus. Error
NotOpenNSStreamStatus. The stream is not yet open.
OpenNSStreamStatus. The stream has been opened.
OpeningNSStreamStatus. The stream is in the opening state.
ReadingNSStreamStatus. The stream is reading.
WritingNSStreamStatus. The stream is writing.