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MonoTouch.AdSupport.ASIdentifierManager Class

Provides a device identifier, only to be used for serving advertisements.

See Also: ASIdentifierManager


[MonoTouch.Foundation.Register("ASIdentifierManager", true)]
[MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.Introduced(MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 6, 0, MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.None, null)]
public class ASIdentifierManager : NSObject


This class provides a device identifier that is shared by all vendors. This identifier may change over time, for example if the user erases the device, and applications should not cache it.

This identifier should only be used for the purpose of serving advertisements.

Application developers should use the static ASIdentifierManager.SharedManager in order to gain access to the ASIdentifierManager.AdvertisingIdentifier. Application developers must respect the AdSupport.IsAdvertisingTrackingEnabled value.

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Namespace: MonoTouch.AdSupport
Assembly: monotouch (in monotouch.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of MonoTouch.AdSupport.ASIdentifierManager are listed below.

See Also: NSObject

Public Constructors

A constructor that initializes the object from the data stored in the unarchiver object.
Constructor to call on derived classes to skip initialization and merely allocate the object.
A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects; Called by the runtime.

Public Properties

AdvertisingIdentifierNSUuid. A string that uniquely identifies the device. Must only be used for advertising purposes.
ClassHandleIntPtr. The handle for this class.
IsAdvertisingTrackingEnabledBoolean. Whether advertising tracking is allowed by the user.
SharedManagerASIdentifierManager. The singleton instance of the ASIdentifierManager.