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MonoTouch.UIKit.UICollisionBehaviorDelegate_Extensions Class

Extension methods to the IUICollisionBehaviorDelegate interface to support all the methods from the UICollisionBehaviorDelegate protocol.

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public static class UICollisionBehaviorDelegate_Extensions


The extension methods for IUICollisionBehaviorDelegate allow developers to treat instances of the interface as having all the optional methods of the original UICollisionBehaviorDelegate protocol. Since the interface only contains the required members, these extension methods allow developers to call the optional members of the protocol.


Namespace: MonoTouch.UIKit
Assembly: monotouch (in monotouch.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of MonoTouch.UIKit.UICollisionBehaviorDelegate_Extensions are listed below.

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Public Methods

BeganBoundaryContact(this IUICollisionBehaviorDelegate, UICollisionBehavior, IUIDynamicItem, NSObject, PointF)
Indicates that boundary contact has begun between the dynamicItem and the boundaryIdentifier.
BeganContact(this IUICollisionBehaviorDelegate, UICollisionBehavior, IUIDynamicItem, IUIDynamicItem, PointF)
Indicates that contact between dynamic items has begun.
EndedBoundaryContact(this IUICollisionBehaviorDelegate, UICollisionBehavior, IUIDynamicItem, NSObject)
Indicates that the dynamicItem has stopped contacting the boundary.
EndedContact(this IUICollisionBehaviorDelegate, UICollisionBehavior, IUIDynamicItem, IUIDynamicItem)
Indicates that the two dynamic items have stopped contacting each other.