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MonoTouch.UIKit.UITextDocumentProxy Class

Protocol that provides text context to a custom keyboard before and after the insertion point.

See Also: UITextDocumentProxy


[MonoTouch.Foundation.Register("UITextDocumentProxy", false)]
[MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.Introduced(MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 8, 0, MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.None, null)]
[MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.Unavailable(MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.WatchOS, MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
public abstract class UITextDocumentProxy : NSObject, IUITextDocumentProxy, IDisposable

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Namespace: MonoTouch.UIKit
Assembly: monotouch (in monotouch.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of MonoTouch.UIKit.UITextDocumentProxy are listed below.

See Also: NSObject

Public Constructors

Default constructor, initializes a new instance of this class.
A constructor that initializes the object from the data stored in the unarchiver object.
Constructor to call on derived classes to skip initialization and merely allocate the object.
A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects; Called by the runtime.

Public Properties

AutocapitalizationTypeUITextAutocapitalizationType. Gets or sets automatic capitalization for this this UITextDocumentProxy object.
AutocorrectionTypeUITextAutocorrectionType. Gets or sets the automatic correction for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
DocumentContextAfterInputString. Gets the textual context after the insertion point for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
DocumentContextBeforeInputString. Gets the textual context before the insertion point for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
EnablesReturnKeyAutomaticallyBoolean. Gets or sets whether to automatically enable the return key when the user enters text.
HasTextBoolean. Gets whether this UITextDocumentProxy object has any text.
KeyboardAppearanceUIKeyboardAppearance. Gets or sets the UIKeyboardAppearance for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
KeyboardTypeUIKeyboardType. Gets or sets the UIKeyboardType for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
ReturnKeyTypeUIReturnKeyType. Gets or sets the UIReturnKeyType for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
SecureTextEntryBoolean. Gets or sets whether this UITextDocumentProxy object hides entered text.
SpellCheckingTypeUITextSpellCheckingType. Gets or sets the UITextSpellCheckingType for this UITextDocumentProxy object.
TextContentTypeNSString. A hint of the type of data the field should contain (must be value from UITextContentType).

Public Methods

Changes the text position by offset. Positive values are toward the end of the document; Negative values are toward the start.
Deletes the character before the insertion point.
Inserts a character into the text of this UITextDocumentProxy object.