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NUnit.Framework.IncludeExcludeAttribute Class

Abstract base for Attributes that are used to include tests in the test run based on environmental settings.

See Also: IncludeExcludeAttribute


public abstract class IncludeExcludeAttribute : NUnitAttribute


Namespace: NUnit.Framework
Assembly: NUnitLite (in NUnitLite.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of NUnit.Framework.IncludeExcludeAttribute are listed below.

See Also: NUnitAttribute

Public Constructors

Constructor with no included items specified, for use with named property syntax.
Constructor taking one or more included items

Public Properties

ExcludeString. Name of the item to be excluded. Multiple items may be given, separated by a comma.
IncludeString. Name of the item that is needed in order for a test to run. Multiple itemss may be given, separated by a comma.
ReasonString. The reason for including or excluding the test