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Network.NWConnectionReceiveCompletion Delegate

Signature for receiving data from NWConnection’s NWConnection.Receive or NWConnection.ReceiveMessage method.


public delegate Void NWConnectionReceiveCompletion (IntPtr data,nuint dataSize,NWContentContext context,Boolean isComplete,NWError error)


Pointer to the received data or IntPtr.Zero if the receive context is complete and this is the final invocation used to deliver the completed event or if there was a connection error.    There are scenarios where the data will be set (non-Zero) but the error will be set, indicating that some data was received, before the error was triggerred.
The size of the block of data read, it is generally the minimum amount of data requested, but can be less when the connection terminates and the remote end does not send as much data as expected.

Context indicating the state of the connection and the metadata for the data being received.

For TCP connections, the context is kept for the duration of the connection and the the NWContentContext.IsFinal property will be set to true, indicating that the other end closed the connection.

For UDP connections, the context represents the information about the packet that was received.

This flag is set to true when the connection has completed and there is no more data to read.
This value will be null if there are no errors, or will contain the error that was raised during the receive operation.



Namespace: Network
Assembly: Xamarin.iOS (in Xamarin.iOS.dll)
Assembly Versions:

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