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OpenTK.BezierCurveQuadric Structure

Represents a quadric bezier curve with two anchor and one control point.

See Also: BezierCurveQuadric


public struct BezierCurveQuadric


Namespace: OpenTK
Assembly: Xamarin.iOS (in Xamarin.iOS.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of OpenTK.BezierCurveQuadric are listed below.

See Also: ValueType

Public Constructors

Public Fields

ControlPointVector2. Control point, controls the direction of both endings of the curve.
EndAnchorVector2. End anchor point.
ParallelSingle. The parallel value.
StartAnchorVector2. Start anchor point.

Public Methods

CalculateLength(Single) : Single
Calculates the length of this bezier curve.
CalculatePoint(Single) : Vector2