SkiaSharp.SKDocumentPdfMetadata Structure

Optional metadata to be passed into the PDF factory function.

See Also: SKDocumentPdfMetadata


public struct SKDocumentPdfMetadata



Namespace: SkiaSharp
Assembly: SkiaSharp (in SkiaSharp.dll)
Assembly Versions:,,,

The members of SkiaSharp.SKDocumentPdfMetadata are listed below.

See Also: ValueType

Public Properties

AuthorString. The name of the person who created the document.
CreationNullable<DateTime>. The date and time the document was created.
CreatorString. The name of the product that created the original document, if the document was converted to PDF from another format.
KeywordsString. Comma-separated keywords associated with the document.
ModifiedNullable<DateTime>. The date and time the document was most recently modified.
ProducerString. The product that is converting this document to PDF.
SubjectString. The subject of the document.
TitleString. The document’s title.