SkiaSharp.SKPaintStyle Enumeration

Indications on how to draw geometry.


public enum SKPaintStyle


Styles apply to rect, oval, path, and text. Bitmaps are always drawn in SKPaintStyle.Fill, and lines are always drawn in SKPaintStyle.Stroke.

SKPaintStyle.StrokeAndFill implicitly draws the result with SKPathFillType.Winding so if the original path is even-odd, the results may not appear the same as if it was drawn twice, filled and then stroked.


Member NameDescription
FillFill the geometry.
StrokeStroke the geometry.
StrokeAndFillFill and stroke the geometry.


Namespace: SkiaSharp
Assembly: SkiaSharp (in SkiaSharp.dll)
Assembly Versions:,,,,,,

The members of SkiaSharp.SKPaintStyle are listed below.

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Public Fields

FillSKPaintStyle. Fill the geometry.
StrokeSKPaintStyle. Stroke the geometry.
StrokeAndFillSKPaintStyle. Fill and stroke the geometry.