SkiaSharp.Views.Forms.SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs Class

Provides data for the SKCanvasView.PaintSurface event.

See Also: SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs


public class SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs : EventArgs



Namespace: SkiaSharp.Views.Forms
Assembly: SkiaSharp.Views.Forms (in SkiaSharp.Views.Forms.dll)
Assembly Versions:,,,,

The members of SkiaSharp.Views.Forms.SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs are listed below.

See Also: EventArgs

Public Constructors

Creates a new instance of the SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs event arguments.

Public Properties

InfoSKImageInfo. Gets the information about the surface that is currently being drawn.
SurfaceSKSurface. Gets the surface that is currently being drawn on.