Urho.Actions.BaseAction Class

Base class for actions in Urho.

See Also: BaseAction


public abstract class BaseAction


In general, you will be using one of the concrete implementations of BaseAction that provide a lot of functionality.

Actions are stateless, when you subclass this class, you should never keep any writable state.  Your subclass should merely act as a blueprint for what the action should do.

When you create own actions, you need to override the BaseAction.StartAction method to return an ActionState subclass which is in chage of driving the action over time.


Namespace: Urho.Actions
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.Actions.BaseAction are listed below.

See Also: Object

Protected Constructors

Base constructor

Public Properties

TagInt32. Tag used to easily reference an action from code using a code.

Protected Methods

StartAction(Node) : ActionState
Creates the action state for this action, called on demand from the framework to start executing the recipe.