Urho.Actions.EaseRateAction Class

Base class for easing actions that have an easing rate component.

See Also: EaseRateAction


public class EaseRateAction : ActionEase


Base class for EaseInEaseOut and Urho.Actions.EaseInOut.


Namespace: Urho.Actions
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.Actions.EaseRateAction are listed below.

See Also: ActionEase

Public Constructors

Initializes the rate class with the given action to ease over, and the rate of change.

Public Properties

RateSingle. Rate of change for the action.

Public Methods

Protected Methods

StartAction(Node) : ActionState
Creates the action state for this action, called on demand from the framework to start executing the recipe.