Urho.ApplicationOptions Class

Application options, see full description at: http://urho3d.github.io/documentation/1.4/_running.html

See Also: ApplicationOptions


public class ApplicationOptions


This contains the list of options that can be configured at application startup, these settings control how the engine is initialized.

The options set with this selector are passed to the Urho game engine on startup.

You can use the convenience Default or PortraitDefault static values as options to use as either defaults for landscape or portrait.


Namespace: Urho
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.ApplicationOptions are listed below.

See Also: Object

Public Constructors

Initializes the application options with a directory pointing to the assets folders (Usually the “Data” directory)

Public Properties

AdditionalFlagsString. Any additional options from the Urho engine that might not be encompassed by one of the strongly typed properties here.
AutoloadCoreDataBoolean. Determines whether the “CoreData” is always part of the resources looked up by Urho.
DelayedStartBoolean. With this option Urho will not start the render loop when Run is called.
ExternalWindowIntPtr. Pointer to an NSView or a Win32 handle to use as a surface.
HeightInt32. Desktop only option.
HighDpiBoolean. Enable HighDPI mode (iOS or macOS only). Default value is True.
LimitFpsBoolean. Determines whether we should limit the frames (defaults to true), the default is limit is 200 FPS for desktop, and 60 fps, despite of the flag settings.
OrientationApplicationOptions+OrientationType. iOS only - orientation for the game
ResizableWindowBoolean. Desktop only - provides a resizable window.
ResourcePackagesPathsString[]. Resource package files to use - default empty.
ResourcePathsString[]. Resource path(s) to use (default: Data, CoreData)
ResourcePrefixPathsString[]. Resource prefix path, it defaults to the value of the URHO3D_PREFIX_PATH environment variable, or if not set, the executable path.
TouchEmulationBoolean. Enable touch-emulation on desktop environments.
WidthInt32. Desktop only option.
WindowedModeBoolean. Desktop only option.

Public Methods

ToString() : String
Returns the command line version suitable to be sent to the Urho engine.