Urho.Audio.BufferedSoundStream Class

Sound stream that supports manual buffering of data from the main thread.

See Also: BufferedSoundStream


public class BufferedSoundStream : SoundStream


Use this class to push audio data to be played back from the main thread.


Namespace: Urho.Audio
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.Audio.BufferedSoundStream are listed below.

See Also: SoundStream

Public Constructors

Constructs a new instance of Urho.Audio.BufferedSoundStream, given a raw pointer to an unmanaged object

Protected Constructors

Empty constructor, chain to this constructor when you provide your own constructor that sets the handle field.

Public Properties

BufferLengthSingle. Return length of buffered (unplayed) sound data in seconds.
BufferNumBytesUInt32. Return amount of buffered (unplayed) sound data in bytes.

Public Methods

AddData(IntPtr, UInt32)
Buffer sound data. Makes a copy of it.
AddData(Byte[], Int32, Int32)
Buffer sound data from a byte array.
AddData(Int16[], Int32, Int32)
Buffer sound data from a short array. 
Remove all buffered audio data.
GetData(SByte*, UInt32) : UInt32
Produce sound data into destination. Return number of bytes produced. Called by SoundSource from the mixing thread.