Urho.Audio.SoundSource3D Class

Sound source component with three-dimensional position.

See Also: SoundSource3D


public class SoundSource3D : SoundSource


This plays 

To hear pseudo-3D positional sounds, a SoundListener component must exist in a scene node and be assigned to the audio subsystem by setting the Audio.Listener property. If the sound listener's scene node exists within a specific scene, it will only hear sounds from that scene, but if it has been created into a "sceneless" node it will hear sounds from all scenes.

Playing the above sound formats in pseudo-3D using the SoundSource3D component. It has stereo positioning and distance attenuation, but does not (at least yet) filter the sound depending on the direction.


Namespace: Urho.Audio
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.Audio.SoundSource3D are listed below.

See Also: SoundSource

Public Constructors

Constructs a new instance of Urho.Audio.SoundSource3D which is tied to the Application.CurrentContext.
Constructs a new instance of Urho.Audio.SoundSource3D, given a raw pointer to an unmanaged object
Constructs a new instance of Urho.Audio.SoundSource3D linked to a specific Context.

Protected Constructors

Empty constructor, chain to this constructor when you provide your own constructor that sets the handle field.

Public Properties

FarDistanceSingle. Return far distance. Or Set far distance. Outside this range sound will be completely attenuated.
InnerAngleSingle. Return inner angle in degrees. Or Set inner angle in degrees. Inside this angle sound will not be attenuated.By default 360, meaning direction never has an effect.
NearDistanceSingle. Return near distance. Or Set near distance. Inside this range sound will not be attenuated.
OuterAngleSingle. Return outer angle in degrees. Or Set outer angle in degrees. Outside this angle sound will be completely attenuated. By default 360, meaning direction never has an effect.
TypeStringHash. Urho's type system type.
TypeNameString. Urho's low-level type name.
TypeNameStaticString. Urho's low-level type name, accessible as a static method.
TypeStaticStringHash. Urho's low-level type, accessible as a static method.

Public Methods

Calculate attenuation and panning based on current position and listener position.
DrawDebugGeometry(DebugRenderer, Boolean)
Visualize the component as debug geometry.
Register object factory.
RollAngleoffFactor() : Single
Return rolloff power factor.
SetAngleAttenuation(Single, Single)
Set angle attenuation parameters.
SetDistanceAttenuation(Single, Single, Single)
Set attenuation parameters.
Set rolloff power factor, defines attenuation function shape.
Update sound source.