Urho.BillboardSet Class

Billboard component.

See Also: BillboardSet


public class BillboardSet : Drawable


After creating a BillboardSet, you will configure the number of billboards by setting the BillboardSet.NumBillboards.   

Configure individual Billboard objects by calling the BillboardSet.GetBillboardSafe (or the unsafe version, BillboardSet.GetBillboard).

After making changes to the individual billboard objects, call the BillboardSet.Commit method to update the internals of the BillboardSet.


Namespace: Urho
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.BillboardSet are listed below.

See Also: Drawable

Public Constructors

Constructs a new instance of Urho.BillboardSet which is tied to the Application.CurrentContext.
Constructs a new instance of Urho.BillboardSet, given a raw pointer to an unmanaged object
Constructs a new instance of Urho.BillboardSet linked to a specific Context.

Protected Constructors

Empty constructor, chain to this constructor when you provide your own constructor that sets the handle field.

Public Properties

AnimationLodBiasSingle. Return animation LOD bias. Or Set animation LOD bias.
FaceCameraModeFaceCameraMode. Return how the billboards rotate in relation to the camera. Or Set how the billboards should rotate in relation to the camera. Default is to follow camera rotation on all axes (FC_ROTATE_XYZ.)
FixedScreenSizeBoolean. Return whether billboards are fixed screen size. Or Set whether billboards have fixed size on screen (measured in pixels) regardless of distance to camera. Default false.
MaterialMaterial. Return material. Or Set material.
MaterialAttrResourceRef. Return material attribute.
MinAngleSingle. Return minimal angle between billboard normal and look-at direction. Or Set minimal angle between billboard normal and look-at direction.
NumBillboardsUInt32. Return number of billboards. Or Set number of billboards.
RelativeBoolean. Controls whether billboards are relative to the scene node.
ScaledBoolean. Controls whether scene node scale affects billboards' size.
SortedBoolean. Determines whether billboards are sorted.
TypeStringHash. Urho's type system type.
TypeNameString. Urho's low-level type name.
TypeNameStaticString. Urho's low-level type name, accessible as a static method.
TypeStaticStringHash. Urho's low-level type, accessible as a static method.
UpdateGeometryTypeUpdateGeometryType. Return whether a geometry update is necessary, and if it can happen in a worker thread.

Public Methods

Mark for bounding box and vertex buffer update. Call after modifying the billboards.
GetBillboard(UInt32) : Billboard*
Return billboard by index.
GetBillboardSafe(UInt32) : BillboardWrapper
Returns a safe Billboard (BillboardWrapper) by index, without exposing an unsafe pointer.
Register object factory.