Urho.DecalSet Class

Decal renderer component.

See Also: DecalSet


public class DecalSet : Drawable


Namespace: Urho
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.DecalSet are listed below.

See Also: Drawable

Public Constructors

Constructs a new instance of Urho.DecalSet which is tied to the Application.CurrentContext.
Constructs a new instance of Urho.DecalSet, given a raw pointer to an unmanaged object
Constructs a new instance of Urho.DecalSet linked to a specific Context.

Protected Constructors

Empty constructor, chain to this constructor when you provide your own constructor that sets the handle field.

Public Properties

MaterialMaterial. Return material. Or Set material. The material should use a small negative depth bias to avoid Z-fighting.
MaterialAttrResourceRef. Return material attribute.
MaxIndicesUInt32. Return maximum number of decal vertex indices. Or Set maximum number of decal vertex indices.
MaxVerticesUInt32. Return maximum number of decal vertices. Or Set maximum number of decal vertices.
NumDecalsUInt32. Return number of decals.
NumIndicesUInt32. Retur number of vertex indices in the decals.
NumVerticesUInt32. Retur number of vertices in the decals.
OptimizeBufferSizeBoolean. Set whether to optimize GPU buffer sizes according to current amount of decals. Default false, which will size the buffers according to the maximum vertices/indices. When true, buffers will be reallocated whenever decals are added/removed, which can be worse for performance.
TypeStringHash. Urho's type system type.
TypeNameString. Urho's low-level type name.
TypeNameStaticString. Urho's low-level type name, accessible as a static method.
TypeStaticStringHash. Urho's low-level type, accessible as a static method.
UpdateGeometryTypeUpdateGeometryType. Return whether a geometry update is necessary, and if it can happen in a worker thread.

Public Methods

AddDecal(Drawable, Vector3, Quaternion, Single, Single, Single, Vector2, Vector2, Single, Single, UInt32) : Boolean
Add a decal at world coordinates, using a target drawable's geometry for reference. If the decal needs to move with the target, the decal component should be created to the target's node. Return true if successful.
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately. Called after scene load or a network update.
Handle enabled/disabled state change.
Register object factory.
Remove all decals.
Remove n oldest decals.