Urho.DrawableFlags Enumeration

Drawable flags


public enum DrawableFlags


These are bit flags that are set on any subclass of Drawable to quickly determine the kind of Drawable it is.   The kind of drawable is used by the View class to determine how to render a particular component.


Member NameDescription
AnyMask, used to match any drawable.
GeometryThe drawable is a Geometry (StaticModelTerrainPatchBillboardSetCustomGeometryDecalSetText3DRenderer2D)
Geometry2DThe drawable is a 2D Geometry (Drawable2D)
LightThe drawable is a Light (Urho.Light)
ZoneThe drawable is a zone (Zone)


Namespace: Urho
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.DrawableFlags are listed below.

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Public Fields

AnyDrawableFlags. Mask, used to match any drawable.
GeometryDrawableFlags. The drawable is a Geometry (StaticModelTerrainPatchBillboardSetCustomGeometryDecalSetText3DRenderer2D)
Geometry2DDrawableFlags. The drawable is a 2D Geometry (Drawable2D)
LightDrawableFlags. The drawable is a Light (Urho.Light)
ZoneDrawableFlags. The drawable is a zone (Zone)