Urho.RenderPathCommand Structure

Rendering path command.

See Also: RenderPathCommand


public struct RenderPathCommand


Viewports defines a command sequence for rendering a scene, called the Render Path.  


Namespace: Urho
Assembly: Urho (in Urho.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Urho.RenderPathCommand are listed below.

See Also: ValueType

Public Fields

BlendModeBlendMode. Blend mode, affects quad command only.
ClearColorColor. Clear color, affects the clear command only.
ClearDepthSingle. Clear depth, affectrs the clear command only.
ClearFlagsUInt32. Clear flags, affects the clear command only.
ClearStencilUInt32. Clear stencil, affects the clear command only.
DepthStencilNameUrhoString. Depth-stencil output name.
EnabledByte. Enabled flag.
MarkToStencilByte. Mark to stencil flag
MetadataUrhoString. Command/pass metadata.
OutputsVectorBase. Output render targets and faces.
PassUrhoString. Scene pass name.
PassIndexUInt32. Scene pass index, filled by view.
PixelShaderDefinesUrhoString. Pixel shader defines
PixelShaderNameUrhoString. Pixel shader name.
ShaderParametersHashBase. Pointers to a vector of paris of stringhashes and variants.
SortModeRenderCommandSortMode. Sorting mode.
TagUrhoString. Tag name
TextureName0UrhoString. Texture 0.
TextureName1UrhoString. Texture 1.
TextureName10UrhoString. Texture 10.
TextureName11UrhoString. Texture 11.
TextureName12UrhoString. Texture 12.
TextureName13UrhoString. Texture 13.
TextureName14UrhoString. Texture 14.
TextureName15UrhoString. Texture 15.
TextureName2UrhoString. Texture 2
TextureName3UrhoString. Texture 3
TextureName4UrhoString. Texture 4.
TextureName5UrhoString. Texture 5.
TextureName6UrhoString. Texture 6.
TextureName7UrhoString. Texture 7.
TextureName8UrhoString. Texture 8.
TextureName9UrhoString. Texture 9.
TypeRenderCommandType. Command type.
UseFogColorByte. Use fog color for clearing
UseLitBaseByte. Use lit base pass optimization for forward per-pixel lights.
VertexLightsByte. Vertex lights flag.
VertexShaderDefinesUrhoString. Vertex shader defines
VertexShaderNameUrhoString. Vertex shader name