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Xamarin.Forms.MultiTrigger Class

Class that represents a list of property and binding conditions, and a list of setters that are applied when all of the conditions in the list are met.

See Also: MultiTrigger


public sealed class MultiTrigger : TriggerBase


XAML for Xamarin.Forms supports the following properties for the MultiTrigger class:


A list of PropertyCondition and/or BindingCondition markup instances that specify the conditions that all must be met before all of the setters that are listed in Setters are applied.


A list of setters that are applied when all of the property conditions are met. Each Setter tag or tag pair in the list has a Property and Value that represents the assignments to perform when the condition is met.


Namespace: Xamarin.Forms
Assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Core (in Xamarin.Forms.Core.dll)
Assembly Versions:,,,

The members of Xamarin.Forms.MultiTrigger are listed below.

See Also: TriggerBase

Public Constructors

Initializes a new MultiTrigger instance.

Public Properties

ConditionsIList<Condition>. Gets the list of conditions that must be satisfied in ordeer for the setters in the MultiTrigger.Setters list to be invoked.
SettersIList<Setter>. Gets the list of Setter objects that will be applied when the list of conditions in the MultiTrigger.Conditions property are all met.