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Xamarin.Forms.StreamImageSource Class

ImageSource that loads an image from a Stream.

See Also: StreamImageSource


public class StreamImageSource : ImageSource, IStreamImageSource


Namespace: Xamarin.Forms
Assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Core (in Xamarin.Forms.Core.dll)
Assembly Versions:,,,,,,

The members of Xamarin.Forms.StreamImageSource are listed below.

See Also: ImageSource

Public Constructors

Creates a new StreamImageSource object with default values.

Public Fields

static readonly
StreamPropertyBindableProperty. Backing store for the StreamImageSource.Stream property.

Public Properties

StreamFunc<System.Threading.CancellationToken, System.Threading.Tasks.Task<System.IO.Stream>>. Gets or sets the delegate responsible for returning a Stream for the Image.

Protected Methods

Method that is called when the property that is specified by propertyName is changed..

Explicitly Implemented Interface Members

StreamImageSource$IStreamImageSource.GetStreamAsync(CancellationToken)For internal use by the Xamarin.Forms platform.