Debug on Device

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last updated: 2016-06

This article explains how to debug a Xamarin.Android application on a device.


It is possible to debug a Xamarin.Android on an Android device using either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio.


Before debugging can occur on a device, it must be setup for development and connected to your PC or Mac.

Debug Application

Once your device is connected to your computer, debugging a Xamarin.Android application is done in the same way as any other Xamarin product or .NET application. Ensure that the debug configuration and the external device is selected in the IDE, this will ensure that the necessary debug symbols are available and that the IDE can connect to the running application:

Next, set your breakpoint in the code:

Once the device has been selected, Xamarin.Android will connect to the device, deploy the application, and then run it. When the breakpoint is reached, the debugger will stop the application, allowing you to debug the application just like you would any other C# application:


In this document we discussed how to debug a Xamarin.Android application by setting a breakpoint and selecting the target device.