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This section contains documents that explain some more advanced cross-platform application features and concepts.

Async Support Overview

Version 5 of C# introduced two new keywords to express asynchronous operations: async and await. These keywords let you write simple code that utilizes the Task Parallel Library to execute long running operations (such as network access) in another thread and easily access the results on completion. The latest versions of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android support async and await - this document provides explanations and an example of using the new syntax with Xamarin.

Available Assemblies

Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Mac all ship with over a dozen assemblies. Just as Silverlight is an extended subset of the desktop .NET assemblies, Xamarin platforms is also an extended subset of several Silverlight and desktop .NET assemblies.

This guide provides a list of all available assemblies shipped with each platform, and show which can be used on each platform.

C# 6 Language Features Overview

The latest version of the C# language – version 6 – continues to evolve the language to have less boilerplate, improved clarity, and more consistency. Cleaner initialization syntax, the ability to use await in catch/finally blocks, and the null-conditional ? operator are especially useful.

Custom Linker Configuration

If the default set of options is not enough, you can drive the linking process with an XML file that describes what you want from the linker.

Building HTML views using Razor Templates

Xamarin enables developers to leverage the Razor templating engine, originally introduced with ASP.NET MVC, along with C# to easily combine data with HTML, Javascript and CSS without the hassle of manually building HTML strings in code. This article demonstrates how to use Razor templates with Xamarin for Android and iOS.

Manually Creating NuGet Packages for Xamarin

Tips for creating NuGet packages that work with the Xamarin platform.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.