NuGet Projects (Nugetizer 3000)

Multiplatform Libraries for Code Sharing

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last updated: 2017-04

Automatically create NuGet packages to share code across platforms using the "Nugetizer 3000"!

Xamarin Studio 6.2 includes new functionality that can create NuGet packages from existing library projects, or by creating a new Multiplatform Library Project.

Once configured, every build of the project outputs a complete NuGet package, which can be used to share code internally with other apps or uploaded to

There are three scenarios for using this feature:

Refer to the Metadata guide for details on the required and optional metadata that must be added to any NuGet package.

Further NuGet Information

Read more about manually creating NuGets for Xamarin and how to include a NuGet package in an app.

Microsoft's NuGet Documentation contains more detailed information on the .nupkg format and using NuGet packages in Visual Studio.

The design discussion for NuGet Package Projects (a.k.a. NuGetizer 3000) is available on the NuGet GitHub repository.

Xamarin Workbook

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