Beginning a Xamarin Trial

How to Start Your 30-day Trial of Xamarin Studio Enterprise

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last updated: 2017-03

Xamarin offers developers a free 30-day trial of Xamarin Studio Enterprise. This guide covers the steps involved in activating a Xamarin trial in Xamarin Studio. When you begin a Xamarin Trial, you get access to the full Xamarin Studio Enterprise feature set for 30 days.

Activating a Trial in Xamarin Studio

The first time Xamarin is installed with Xamarin Studio from the unified installer on the download page, the free Community Edition is automatically activated. To access the use of the Xamarin Profiler and Xamarin Inspector, or if you do not meet the requirements for Xamarin Studio Commuity Edition you will need to use the Xamarin Enterprise edition.

Read more about Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio Community edition here to determine if it is right for your needs!

This guide will explain how to activate your Xamarin Studio Enterprise trial.

To get started, select the Start Enterprise Trial button at the top of Xamarin Studio:

It will be necessary to either Create a Xamarin Account, or Log in with an existing one.

Create a Xamarin Account

In the Start Enterprise Trial dialog select the Create Account link to open the register page in the browser:

Enter the information necessary to create a new Xamarin account:

A message will be displayed when the account is successfully created:

Log in

Return to Xamarin Studio, and log in :

Once logged in, the dialog will display the following :

Trial Options

During the course of a 30 day free trial, the account dialog which will display how many days are left of the trial:

It is possible to downgrade to the Community Edition.

To Purchase the Enterprise edition for Xamarin on your Mac, please contact us through the store

Visual Studio Trial

To get started with Xamarin in Visual Studio, download the Enterprise Trial and follow in instructions.

Congratulations, you have activated your 30-day Xamarin Trial - now go write some code!

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.