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The Events feature lets you view details of events that you have tracked.

The Xamarin Insights event tracking API enables you to readily track and view any event in your app. This helps you not only build up reproduction steps when a crash occurs, but also lets you investigate exactly how your app is being used. All of this data is fully visualized and filterable for consumption in the Events section of Xamarin Insights.

The main screen displays, by default, a list of all the event types that have occurred, ordered chronologically from the most recent event:

Drilling down into the list of events will display different information depending on the type of event tracking – Insights.Track or Insights.TrackTime – that you have implemented in your application. The differences between these are detailed in the sections below.

Using Event Tracking

Event tracking via Insights allows for a snapshot into which events are occurring at any given instance, and which properties are being accessed by a particular event.

For example, imagine you had a generic music player application and wanted to see what Screens are being accessed by users and how often they were in use. To create an event for this you could use the following code:

Insights.Track("Page View","Page", name);

In the above code, name is the Screen name.

If you analysed this in your Insights application and drilled down into the Page View event, it might look like this:

Using Time Tracking

Time tracking events gathered using Insights.TrackTime in your application are denoted in the Events time by the clock symbol:

Time tracking events, or duration events, have all the characteristics of normal events such as properties and occurrence, but also have time associated with them.

This is displayed in the Events panel as a chart marking the duration of each event, and displays an average value for 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days:

Xamarin Workbook

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