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Xamarin.iOS exposes a C#/CIL binding to the CocoaTouch API and also provides access to the ECMA CIL APIs and various other .NET APIs.

API Reference: The API reference is available at https://developer.xamarin.com/api/, start at the Xamarin.iOS Framework node for the API bindings for the native iPhone APIs or go to Base Class Libraries node for documentation on the .NET API.

API Design: The API design for the CIL/Objective-C binding is covered in the Xamarin.iOS API Design document and it describes how we bound the Objective-C and C APIs from CocoaTouch and exposed those to the C#/CIL world.

Assemblies: Check our list of bound assemblies for a detailed reference of which APIs from C#/CIL/ECMA are available for use on Xamarin.iOS.

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