User Notifications Framework

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last updated: 2016-09

This article covers all of the ways that Users Notification have been enhanced by iOS 10 and how to use them in a Xamarin.iOS app.


New to iOS 10, the User Notification framework allows for the delivery and handling of local and remote notifications. Using this framework, the app or App Extension can schedule the delivery of local notifications by specifying a set of conditions such as location or time of day.

Additionally, the app or extension can receive (and potentially modify) both local and remote notifications as they are delivered to the user's iOS device.

The new User Notification UI framework allows the app or App Extension to customize the appearance of both local and remote notifications when they are presented to the user.

Enhanced User Notifications

This article introduces all of the ways that User Notifications have been enhanced for iOS 10 and gives a quick introduction to implementing them using the new User Notification framework.

Advanced User Notifications

This article takes a deeper look at the new User Notifications framework and how to take full advantage of it in a Xamarin.iOS app.

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