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last updated: 2017-03

This article provides several troubleshooting tips for working with watchOS 3 in Xamarin Apple Watch apps.

The following sections list some known issues that can occur when using watchOS 3 with Xamarin and the solution to those issues:


For Activity sharing to work correctly, all paired Apple Watches must be running watchOS 3.

Known Issues:

  • Replying to an Activity Sharing Notification sometimes fails.
  • Replying to an Activity Sharing Notification with a message may fail.
  • Contextual text above an Activity Sharing Notification message will be incorrect.

Apple Pay

Known Issues:

  • If an incorrect expiration date or CW code is entered for a new payment care in Apple Pay, when hitting Next the running process will crash.
  • In-App Apple Pay purchases requiring a PIN number may crash.

Auto Mac Unlock

By using watchOS 3 beta 2 (or greater) and macOS Sierra beta 2 (or greater), if two-factor authentication is enabled on the user's iCloud account, they can use their Apple Watch to auto unlock their Mac.

Background Refresh

Violating system resources will result in a watchOS 3 app crash with the following exception codes:

  • 0xc51bad01 - The app consumed too much CPU time.
  • 0xc51bad02 - The app consumed too much wall time.
  • 0xc51bad03 - The app did not have enough runtime to complete the current task.


Complications from newly installed Apple Watch apps may show up as blank. Reboot Apple Watch to fix this issue.


Known Issues:

  • watchOS will not prompt the user for access permission for protected user data on the Apple Watch. Grant access on the iPhone app before using data in the watch app.
  • The Apple Watch can enter a state where all WatchConnectivity transmissions fail, reboot the Apple Watch to fix.


If a media attachment is too large, it will be presented on the user's iPhone but not their Apple Watch.


Any NSURLConnection connections using older TLS protocols will fail. For all SSL/TLS connections, the RC4 symmetric cipher is now disabled by default. Additionally, the Secure Transport API no longer supports SSLv3 and it is recommended that the app stop using SHA-1 and 3DES cryptography as soon as possible.

As of watchOS 3, SSL/TLS connections security is being strictly enforced by Apple. Affected services and apps should updated web servers to use the latest TLS protocol versions.


As of watchOS 3, the HTTPBodyStream property of the NSMutableURLRequest class must be set to an unopened stream since NSURLConnection and NSURLSession now strictly enforce this requirement.


Known Issues:

When working with https:// URLs both NSURLSession and NSURLConnection no longer support RC4 cipher suites during the TLS handshake. One of the following error codes may be generated:

  • -1200 or -98 - For NSURLErrorSecurityConnectionFailed and SecureTransport errors.
  • -1200 [3:-9824] - Http load failed.
  • -1200 - NSURLConnection finished with error.

As of watchOS 3, SSL/TLS connections security is being strictly enforced by Apple. Affected services and apps should updated web servers to use the latest TLS protocol versions. See NSURLConnection above for more information.


WatchKit apps that have not adopted the new HandelBackgroundTask API will no longer receive periodic updates in watchOS 3.


SpriteKit and SceneKit scenes will be paused when an app enters the background in the watchOS Dock.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.