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Xamarin Test Cloud Environment Variables

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This document describes some of the environment variables set by Xamarin Test Cloud when running Calabash or UITests.

Environment Variables

Xamarin Test Cloud provides variables that can be used when testing to find out information about the environment the test is running in. The following table describes some of these environment variables:

Environment Variable Description Example
XAMARIN_TEST_CLOUD This is always set to 1 when when the tests are running in Test Cloud. XAMARIN_TEST_CLOUD=1
XTC_APP_ENDPOINT This variable exposes a secure port on the device that allows other services to communicate with the application. This is useful for applications that embedded their own HTTP servers in an application and have a need to interact with the app outside of the Calabash framework. XTC_APP_ENDPOINT=
XTC_DEVICE This variable combines both the operating system and the device name.
XTC_DEVICE_INDEX This is a string in the range of 0 to N-1, where N is the number of devices the test is run on. This variable is useful in situations where the same test is being run in parallel on multiple devices. The value of XTC_DEVICE_INDEX is unique for each test script executing on a specific device. XTC_DEVICE_INDEX=1
XTC_DEVICE_NAME This variable holds the name of the device running the test. XTC_DEVICE_NAME=Apple iPod touch 5th Gen
XTC_DEVICE_OS This variable holds the name of the device operating system running the test. XTC_DEVICE_OS=7.0.4
XTC_LANG This variable holds the name of the of language used to run the test. It defaults to en. en
XTC_PLATFORM The platform under test, will be either android or ios. XTC_PLATFORM=ios

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