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Calabash Quickstarts

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last updated: 2016-10

This section contains several quick starts to help you get started with Calabash. Each quick start focuses on how to create test for simple application on a single platform.



Please note that Calabash is no longer under active development.

These quick starts will cover how to use Calabash with Android Studio or Xcode 8 to create automated test for a sample application. The sample application will attempt to validated a credit card number according this one rule:

  • The credit card number must be exactly 16 characters long.

If the user enters a credit card message that is too long or too short, then the application will display an error message with that information.

In these quick starts we will cover the following:

  • Setting up the Calabash Sandbox – This section covers how to install and use the Calabash-Sandbox to install the Gems.
  • Setting up an Application – Discusses how to prepare the application for testing.
  • Writing a Test – A single test will be written to verify that a 17 character credit card number does not pass validation and that the correct error message is displayed to the user.
  • Running the Tests – First we will run the tests locally as they are being developed, then we will upload them to Xamarin Test Cloud.

The quick start is broken down according to the platform:

  • Android Studio – this guide is for Android developers who are using Android Studio and Java to create their Android application.
  • Xcode 8 – this guide covers adding Calabash to an iOS app created with Xcode 8 and Objective-C.


You should have some familiarity with the command line, Ruby, and Cucumber.

Calabash tests are written with any text editor. RubyMine is an excellent commerical Ruby IDE with support for Cucumber and provides a 30 day trial. Visual Studio Code is a free IDE with plugins that provide some support for Ruby and Cucumber.

It is not necessary to have a Xamarin Test Cloud account unless you wish to run tests in Xamarin Test Cloud. If you do wish to run tests in Test Cloud, you must be familiar with the Introduction to Xamarin Test Cloud guide. You must also have setup a Test Cloud team, as described in the Organizations & Teams.

Xamarin Workbook

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