Consuming Web Services

Introduction to cross-platform web service consumption with Xamarin.Forms

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last updated: 2016-09

This guide demonstrates how to communicate with different web services to provide create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) functionality to a Xamarin.Forms application. Topics covered include communicating with ASMX services, WCF services, REST services, Azure Mobile Apps, and Amazon Web Services.

Consuming an ASP.NET Web Service (ASMX)

ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX) provide the ability to build web services that send messages over HTTP using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is a platform-independent and language-independent protocol for building and accessing web services. Consumers of an ASMX service do not need to know anything about the platform, object model, or programming language used to implement the service. They only need to understand how to send and receive SOAP messages. This article demonstrates how to consume an ASMX web service from a Xamarin.Forms application.

Consuming a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Web Service

WCF is Microsoft's unified framework for building service-oriented applications. It enables developers to build secure, reliable, transacted, and interoperable distributed applications. There are differences between ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX) and WCF, but it is important to understand that WCF supports the same capabilities that ASMX provides — SOAP messages over HTTP. This article demonstrates how to consume an WCF SOAP service from a Xamarin.Forms application.

Consuming a RESTful Web Service

Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style for building web services. REST requests are made over HTTP using the same HTTP verbs that web browsers use to retrieve web pages and to send data to servers. This article demonstrates how to consume a RESTful web service from a Xamarin.Forms application.

Consuming an Azure Mobile App

Azure Mobile Apps allow you to develop apps with scalable backends hosted in Azure App Service, with support for mobile authentication, offline sync, and push notifications. This article, which is only applicable to Azure Mobile Apps that use a Node.js backend, explains how to query, insert, update, and delete data stored in a table in an Azure Mobile Apps instance.

Consuming an Amazon SimpleDB Service

Amazon SimpleDB is a web service that provides the ability to store and query data in Amazon's cloud. This article explains how to use the AWS SDK for .NET to query, create and replace, and delete data stored in a SimpleDB service.

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