Xamarin.Forms Cells

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Xamarin.Forms cells can be added to ListViews and TableViews.


A Cell is a specialized element used for items in a table and describes how each item in a list should be drawn. Cell derives from Element, from which VisualElement also derives. However Cell is not a visual element, it just describes a template for creating a visual element. Cell provides base class and capabilities for all Xamarin.Forms cells. Cells are elements designed to be added to ListView or TableView controls.

To learn how to use and customize cells, refer to the ListView and TableView documentation.

Type Description Screenshot
EntryCell A Xamarin.Forms.Cell with a label and a single line text entry field.
SwitchCell A Xamarin.Forms.Cell with a label and an on/off switch.
TextCell A Xamarin.Forms.Cell with primary and secondary text.
ImageCell A Text Cell that also includes an image.

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