Xamarin.Forms Layouts

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Xamarin.Forms Layouts are used to compose user interface controls into logical structures.


The Layout class in Xamarin.Forms is a specialized subtype of View, which acts as a container for other Layouts or Views. It typically contains logic to set the position and size of child elements in Xamarin.Forms applications.

Xamarin.Forms supports:

Type Description Screenshot
ContentPresenter A layout manager for templated views. Used within a ControlTemplate to mark where the content to be presented appears.
ContentView An element with a single content. ContentView has very little use of its own. Its purpose is to serve as a base class for user-defined compound views.
Frame An element containing a single child, with some framing options. Frame have a default Xamarin.Forms.Layout.Padding of 20.
ScrollView An element capable of scrolling if it's Content requires.
TemplatedView An element that displays content with a control template, and the base class for ContentView.
AbsoluteLayout Positions child elements at absolute requested positions. User assigned anchors and bounds defines the position and size of the control.
Grid A layout containing views arranged in rows and columns.
RelativeLayout A Layout that uses Constraints to layout its children.
StackLayout A Layout that positions child elements in a single line which can be oriented vertically or horizontally. This layout will set the child bounds automatically during a layout cycle. User assigned bounds will be overwritten and thus should not be set on a child element by the user.

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