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This recipe shows how to send an email using an Intent.


Follow these steps to send an email.

  • Create an Intent with an ActionSend action.
var email = new Intent (Android.Content.Intent.ActionSend);
  • Add email extras to the intent’s payload.
email.PutExtra (Android.Content.Intent.ExtraEmail,
new string[]{"", ""} );

email.PutExtra (Android.Content.Intent.ExtraCc,
new string[]{""} );

email.PutExtra (Android.Content.Intent.ExtraSubject, "Hello Email");

email.PutExtra (Android.Content.Intent.ExtraText,
"Hello from Xamarin.Android");
  • Set the intent’s mime type to message/rfc822.
email.SetType ("message/rfc822");
  • Start the Activity with the intent;
StartActivity (email);

Additional Information

Setting the intent’s mime type to message/rfc822 causes the mail application to launch. If multiple applications are capable of handling mail, the user will get a list to choose from.

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