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This recipe shows how to send an SMS message using the SMSManager or an Intent.


There are two options for sending SMS messages on Android: - Use SmsManager to send messages in the background. - Use an intent to send the user to the SMS application with a preset number and message.

Follow these steps to send an SMS message using the SmsManager class.

  • Add the SEND_SMS permission to the Android manifest.
  • Call the SendTextMessage method of the SmsManager.
SmsManager.Default.SendTextMessage ("1234567890", null,
"Hello from Xamarin.Android", null, null);

To send an SMS message using an Intent, create the Intent with a ActionSendto action and a Uri that begins with smsto:. Include the message body in the Intent’s payload by calling PutExtra.

var smsUri = Android.Net.Uri.Parse("smsto:1234567890");
var smsIntent = new Intent (Intent.ActionSendto, smsUri);
smsIntent.PutExtra ("sms_body", "Hello from Xamarin.Android");  
StartActivity (smsIntent);

Additional Information

The permission is needed for the case where the SmsManager is used to send the SMS message programmatically. When using the Intent, this permission is not required.

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