Add an Annotation to a Map

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This recipe shows how to add an annotation to a map.


A basic annotation consists of a pin marker added to map. When touched, the pin displays a small popup with more information. To add an annotation to a MKMapView:

  1. Start with an existing MKMapView or review the Displaying a Location (MapView) recipe.
  1. Create a subclass of MKAnnotation
class BasicMapAnnotation : MKAnnotation
        CLLocationCoordinate2D coord;
        string title, subtitle;

        public override CLLocationCoordinate2D Coordinate { get{ return coord; }}
        public override void SetCoordinate(CLLocationCoordinate2D value) 
            coord = value;
        public override string Title { get{ return title; }}
        public override string Subtitle { get{ return subtitle; }}
        public BasicMapAnnotation (CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinate, string title, string subtitle) 
            this.coord = coordinate;
            this.title = title;
            this.subtitle = subtitle;
  1. Create the annotation and add it to the map:
var annotation = new BasicMapAnnotation (new CLLocationCoordinate2D(48.857,2.351), "Paris", "City of Light");
  1. Finally, ensure the map is centered to show the annotation:
var coords = new CLLocationCoordinate2D(48.857,2.351);
var span = new MKCoordinateSpan(MilesToLatitudeDegrees(2), MilesToLongitudeDegress(2, coords.Latitude));
mapView.Region = new MKCoordinateRegion(coords, span);

Additional Information

The MilesToLatitudeDegrees and MilesToLongitudeDegrees helper methods can be found in the Displaying a Location recipe.

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