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This recipe shows how to change the Back button that appears in a navigation controller.


The Back button text is related to the Title of the ViewController that it will return to. The sample code demonstrates three different ways the Back button can be set:

  • If the ViewController.Title has not been set, the button text will be Back.
  • If the ViewController.Title has been set, the button will display the same text. In the sample code when the Title property is set and then the ViewController ‘pushed’, the back button will contain the same value: Home.
customVC.Title = "Home";
NavigationController.PushViewController (customVC, true);
  • The button itself can be replaced with a custom UIBarButtonItem using the NavigationItem.SetLeftBarButtonItem. The new button should implement the PopViewControllerAnimated method to behave the same way as the default Back button:
customVC.NavigationItem.SetLeftBarButtonItem (new UIBarButtonItem(
UIImage.FromFile("29_icon.png"), UIBarButtonItemStyle.Plain, (sender, args) => {
}), true);

These screenshots show the three different Back buttons:

Screenshots of updated back button

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