Draw Unicode Text with CoreText

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This recipe shows how to draw text using Core Text.


  1. In a UIView subclass override Draw and set graphics context state.
var gctx = UIGraphics.GetCurrentContext ();
  gctx.TranslateCTM (10, 0.5f * Bounds.Height);
  gctx.ScaleCTM (1, -1);
  gctx.RotateCTM ((float)Math.PI * 315 / 180);
  gctx.SetFillColor (UIColor.Green.CGColor);
  1. Create a Unicode text string.
string someText = "你好世界";
  1. Create an NSAttributedString.
var attributedString = new NSAttributedString (someText,
       new CTStringAttributes{
          ForegroundColorFromContext =  true,
          Font = new CTFont ("Arial", 24)
  1. Pass the NSAttributedString to a CTLine and draw the CTLine.
using (var textLine = new CTLine (attributedString)) {
       textLine.Draw (gctx);

Additional Information

You can draw text using the Core Text framework by creating an NSAttributedString instance; passing it to a CTLine instance and calling Draw on the CTLine. Otherwise, normal Core Graphics techniques such as obtaining a graphics context and manipulating the current transformation matrix apply. This example draws text of a given font and color and rotates it as shown above.

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