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This recipe shows how to pop up an Action Sheet that contains a Date Picker.

WARNING: UIActionSheet is deprecated in iOS 8, and has been replaced with UIAlertController. You can find a recipe on how to implement an Action Sheet in iOS here.
Furthermore, Apple's documentation states "UIActionSheet is not designed to be subclassed, nor should you add views to its hierarchy." - this sample calls actionSheet.AddSubview() which does not work at all in iOS 8.
If you have used the code in this recipe in the past, you should update your code with a different approach. DO NOT USE THIS RECIPE FOR iOS 8 APPS.

Recipe (iOS 7 and earlier ONLY)

An Action Sheet is a convenient way to modally request input from the user. This recipe shows you how to use an Action Sheet to allow the user to input a date.

To display an Action Sheet that selects a date:

  • The sample code includes a custom class ActionSheetDatePicker that will be used in this recipe. It contains a custom UIActionSheet implementation that contains a UIDatePicker, UILabel and UIButton.
  • Create the ActionSheetDatePicker and set the Title:
actionSheetDatePicker = new ActionSheetDatePicker (this.View);
actionSheetDatePicker.Title = "Choose Date:";
  • Set the type and validation properties of the UIDatePicker property:
actionSheetDatePicker.DatePicker.Mode = UIDatePickerMode.DateAndTime;
actionSheetDatePicker.DatePicker.MinimumDate = DateTime.Today.AddDays (-7);
actionSheetDatePicker.DatePicker.MaximumDate = DateTime.Today.AddDays (7);
  • Handle the UIDatePicker value changing (in this case, we apply the selected date directly to the UILabel):
actionSheetDatePicker.DatePicker.ValueChanged += (s, e) => {
    dateLabel.Text = (s as UIDatePicker).Date.ToString ();
  • In the Choose a date button TouchUpInside handler call Show to display the Action Sheet:
actionSheetDatePicker.Show ();

Additional Information

The sample includes a custom ActionSheetDatePicker class that works by creating a UIActionSheet and adding other subviews directly to it. Apple discourages this practice and the sample no longer works on iOS 8.

SEE WARNING at the top of the page. This recipe is no longer supported and is left here purely for reference (for now).

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