Animate an ImageView

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This recipe shows how to animate a UIImageView with an array of image frames.


To display an image:

  • Edit Assets.xcassets file that is automatically added to the project, right-click and select New Image Set.

  • Double-click the new image set Name and change it to Spinning Circle_1, for example.

  • Click on 1x under the Universal section and select an image to display from the hard drive.

  • Repeat the steps above to add all of the necessary images.

  • To create a UIImageView and display it from code use:

    var animatedCircleImage = new UIImageView ();
    animatedCircleImage.Frame = new CoreCraphics.CGRect(110, 20, 100, 100);
  • Optionally, in the iOS Designer, drag an Image View onto a View and position and size it as desired.

  • In the Properties Explorer, under Identity set the Name to animatedCircleImage.

  • Also in the Properties Explorer, under Image View use the Image dropdown to select Spinning Circle_1.

  • In code, create an array of the image frames and assign it to AnimationImages:

    animatedCircleImage.AnimationImages = new UIImage[] {
          UIImage.FromBundle ("Spinning Circle_1.png")
        , UIImage.FromBundle ("Spinning Circle_2.png")
        , UIImage.FromBundle ("Spinning Circle_3.png")
        , UIImage.FromBundle ("Spinning Circle_4.png")
  • Set the animation properties and start animating:

    animatedCircleImage.AnimationRepeatCount = 0;
    animatedCircleImage.AnimationDuration = .5;

The sample code shows the circle animating (difficult to demonstrate in a screenshot):

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