Specify Segment Sizes

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This recipe shows how to create a UISegmentedControl with different sized segments.


To create a UISegementedControl where the segments are different widths:

  • Create and position the control:
var segmentControl = new UISegmentedControl();
segmentControl.Frame = new CGRect(20,20,200,40);
  • Add the segments and select the default:
segmentControl.InsertSegment("Map", 0, false);
segmentControl.InsertSegment("Road", 1, false);
segmentControl.InsertSegment("Satellite", 2, false);
segmentControl.SelectedSegment = 1;
  • Set the sizes for each segment
segmentControl.SetWidth (40f, 0);
segmentControl.SetWidth (80f, 1);
segmentControl.SetWidth (120f, 2);

Additional Information

If the sum of the segment widths is different to the width of the control, the segment widths will override the Frame.Width.

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