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Text can be styled in the UITextField (and also the UILabel) using the NSMutableAttributedString class and applying UIStringAttributes. The styled text is set on the AttributedText property of the UITextField control.

Create String Attributes

String attributes objects contain a style definition that will be applied to some text. Here are three different examples of UIStringAttributes objects:

var firstAttributes = new UIStringAttributes {
    ForegroundColor = UIColor.Blue,
    BackgroundColor = UIColor.Yellow,
    Font = UIFont.FromName("Courier", 18f)

var secondAttributes = new UIStringAttributes {
    ForegroundColor = UIColor.Red,
    BackgroundColor = UIColor.Gray,
    StrikethroughStyle = NSUnderlineStyle.Single

var thirdAttributes = new UIStringAttributes {
    ForegroundColor = UIColor.Green,
    BackgroundColor = UIColor.Black

Apply to Text Field

The same styling can be applied to the entire contents of the text field by creating a single NSAttributedString object:

textField1.AttributedText = new NSAttributedString("UITextField is pretty!", firstAttributes);

Alternatively different parts can be styled differently using an NSMutableAttributedString instance, which allows differently styling attributes to be set on specific ranges of text.

// create the text field
textField1 = new UITextField (new CoreGraphics.CGRect (10, 60, 300, 60));
textField1.BackgroundColor = UIColor.LightGray;
View.Add (textField1);

// set different ranges to different styling!
var prettyString = new NSMutableAttributedString ("UITextField is not pretty!");
prettyString.SetAttributes (firstAttributes.Dictionary, new NSRange (0, 11));
prettyString.SetAttributes (secondAttributes.Dictionary, new NSRange (15, 3));
prettyString.SetAttributes (thirdAttributes.Dictionary, new NSRange (19, 6));

// assign the styled text
textField1.AttributedText = prettyString;

The result is the following:

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