MfA Addin


Release Notes

Mono for Android addin (MonoDevelop) - v2.6.5.3

The Mono for Android addin v2.6.5.3 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improved available space detection on devices
  • Better warnings for missing or wrongly configured Android and Java paths
  • Fix for the "Missing Mono.Posix" issue on MonoDevelop/Windows


This version of the addin is currently available from the Beta channel in the MonoDevelop Add-in Manager. The Beta channel is on by default on MonoDevelop, so you should be able to see the available update in the Add-in Manager. You may have to refresh the list of updates to see the new version.

If you don't see the update, you can enable the Beta channel by going to the Gallery panel on the Add-in manager, selecting "Manage Repositories" on the Repositories dropdown list, checking the "MonoDevelop Add-in Repository (Beta channel)" entry and then refreshing the addins list by clicking the blue refresh button on the right side of the Repository dropdown. Once the refresh is complete, you can update the Mono for Android addin.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.