Mono For Android 4.2.2


Visual Studio Users: You should be prompted with this update when you open a MFA project. You can also check manually in Tools > Options > Mono for Android.

MonoDevelop Users: You should be prompted to upgrade next time you open MonoDevelop, or you can use Help > Check for Updates. IDE support requires MonoDevelop 3.0.

Bug fixes

  • Provide additional context when an Android Callable Wrapper cannot be generated ( Email thread ).
  • Improve marshaling of Java builtin types. ( Email thread )
  • Reduce lifetime of wrapped Stream s in InputStreamAdapter , InputStreamInvoker , OutputStreamAdapter , OutputStreamInvoker . Disposing of the wrapper instance will now dispose the wrapped instance.
  • Don't generate a NullReferenceException in a .jar binding project if there are no types to bind.
  • 992 : DateTime.ParseExact disregards valid format string.
  • 2564 : XNamespace not matched correctly
  • 3258 : Serialize Nullable datetimeoffset
  • 3972 : XElement's ToString shows incorrect namespace
  • 4690 : XNodeNavigator.MoveToRoot() stays on self
  • 4739 : XPathNavigator.Select doesn't select child node embedded between text nodes
  • 4850 : XDocument.WriteTo() does not write <?xml?> preamble/header (.NET does)
  • 5008: Cannot load VS package when is missing
  • 5043 : Expose the Java.Util.Zip namespace.
  • 5052 : Cannot load VS package when non-numeric API platform is present
  • 5058 : SqliteConnection, SqliteCommand and SqliteReader can result in Error "Unable to open the database file"
  • 5063: VS Crashes on Launch and Monodevelop Crashing when accessing .axml
  • 5066: Breakpoints not hit when using anonymous code
  • 5078 : Sqlite DateTime retrieved as String.
  • 5111 : Unable to generate bindings for Google's Guice library
  • 5112 : Inconsistent class name capitalization when generating bindings
  • 5142 : .jar binding: string constants with embedded newlines, numeric class names
  • 5144 : AdapterView<T> cannot be subclassed.
  • 5151 : Implicit assembly dependencies should be pulled in
  • 650402: ForeignKeyConstraint enforced on deleted rows.


Warning: Samsung shipped a broken kernel with Android 2.1, which is not able to support JIT compilation. If you possess a Galaxy-class device with Android 2.1, you will get unexpected results, this is caused by a kernel bug that breaks cache coherency, rendering any engine doing JIT compilation useless. Check with your manufacturer/carrier for an Android 2.2 update.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.