Preview 4

This preview has a new shared runtime. To ensure you are using it, you will need to delete the old shared runtime from your emulator/device:

Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> MonoDroid Runtime -> Uninstall

The new runtime will be deployed to the device the next time an application is deployed.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Debugging on a Device

MonoDroid now supports debugging on a physical device. The deployment is still done via the USB cable, but the actual debugging is done over WiFi. Therefore, your device must be able to connect to your computer via WiFi.

MonoDroid attempts to send the device a routeable IP address for it to use, but due to various networking conditions, this may not be possible. You can override the IP address sent to the device with Tools->Options->MonoDroid->Override Host IP Address

Multi-ABI Support

The MonoRuntimeService.apk package contains binaries for both armeabi and armeabi-v7a. This means that on platforms which support armeabi-v7a, the appropriate binaries will be used. This will permit, among other things, hardware floating-point operations on armeabi-v7a hardware. ( Note: the emulator is armeabi, not armeabi-v7a, and does not support hardware-accelerated floating point operations.)

Bug Fixes

  • 633466 - Visual Studio generated web references won't compile (Settings designer)
  • 633506 - F5 when debugging displays dialog instead of continuing
  • 634125 - generator needs to support abstract members
  • 634492 - Open solution, try to run project before build, error occurs
  • 634790 - Nasty finalizer crash related either to exception being thrown in HttpWebRequest, or problems AlertDialog
  • 637968 - RghtClick->Debug->Start New Instance
  • 638067 - Support debugging to a device
  • 638358 - Must have Application project selected when running in debug mode with Class Libraries
  • 640194 - Cannot override TextView.Text
  • 640673 - <activity> icon needs to be copied to the proxy
  • 640679 - Error : 'keytool' cannot be found when running with debugging
  • 640852 - A Project of Type Class Library cannot be started.
  • 641112 - Strange behavoiur using the Tag attribute of Android.View
  • 641170 - Cannot set LayoutParams in LinearLayout (and maybe other views)
  • 641677 - Attempt to change the default namespace of a project in Visual Studio causes exception
  • 641911 - Debugger Fails to Attach Without Error When AndroidManifest Contains Incorrect Activity Name
  • 642758 - API Enhancement: Replace some magic ints with available enum value
  • 642760 - Support more types in Android.Content.ContentValues.Put()

Breaking API Changes

On top of the usual bug fixes, we are slowly making changes to the Mono.Android API to make it more .NET-ish and easier to use. Unfortunately, as pre-release users, this means you may be forced to change your code to the new API.

Renamed Namespaces

  • Android.Accessibilityservices -> Android.AccessibilityServices.
  • Android.Inputmethodservices -> Android.InputMethodServices.
  • Android.Views.Inputmethods -> Android.Views.InputMethods.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.