Preview 9

This preview has a new shared runtime. To ensure you are using it, you will need to delete the old shared runtime from your emulator/device:

Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> MonoDroid Runtime -> Uninstall

The new runtime will be deployed to the device the next time an application is deployed.

Beginning with this preview, you will need the following two packages in the Android SDK:

  • Android SDK Tools, revision 8
  • Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 1

It is highly suggested that you delete your existing C:\android-sdk-windows directory and use the new Android SDK Windows installer. See Installation for more details.


Android SDK Tool Revision 8 Support

Preview 9 supports (and requires) the new Android SDK Tools, revision 8. You will need to upgrade your tools as listed above.

JNI Support

The Android.Runtime.JNIEnv type can be used to perform various low-level JNI operations, such as creating new Java types and invoking methods on Java types and instances.

Breaking Changes


MonoDroid .csproj files are now required to have:


This enables the tooling to know it is working with a MonoDroid project. The templates have been updated to include this. When you open an existing project, this * should* be automatically added for you. You should not have to do anything to support this change.

Removal of Javax.Xml

The Javax.Xml and related (nested) namespaces have been removed. As far as we could determine (via XPath queries on the Android API definition), these types were not used by the rest of Android, and thus was entirely duplicative of System.Xml.

Streams Change

Any API which previously used a Java.IO.InputStream or Java.IO.OutputStream should now use a .NET System.IO.Stream. This is a continuation of our "hide Java-isms" work.

Bug Fixes

  • 639560 - Global ref table overflows due to GC issues
  • 652296 - crash if i try to download an image from the internet when i read the urlConnection's InputStream value
  • 655765 - Preview 8 requires Android 2.2 for OpenGL Application
  • 655872 - Passing null for string[] Parameters in Activity.ManagedQuery and ContentProvider.Query Causes System.ArgumentNullException
  • 656309 - monodroid --noshared doesn't work.
  • 656469 - Inserting Multiple Records in SQLite Database From Text File Causes ReferenceTable Overflow Error
  • 656955 - Regression: [DllImport] doesn't work on bundled libraries.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.