Xamarin.Android 4.10

The Xamarin.Android 4.10 series provides a number of stability fixes and improvements, and introduces .NET Portable Class Libraries support.

In Debug builds, Xamarin.Android 4.10 also changes the default log level of the Mono runtime to info (from nothing). This will result in additional log messages printed to the Application Output panel or adb logcat within Debug builds.. This can be disabled by adding an environment file and adding a line containing:


Xamarin.Android 4.10.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixes an activation error that occurred after installing Android 19 when the target framework of the project was set to the 'Use Latest' setting
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when clearing the Android device log in VS2010.

New Features

  • Toggle for switching between layout and source view in the Android designer in VS2013

Xamarin.Android 4.10.1

Visual Studio compatibility notes

  • The Xamarin.Android 4.10.1 Visual Studio extension is compatible with Xamarin.iOS for VS 1.8
  • Older versions of the Visual Studio extensions may fail to update both extensions correctly. If you have updated and are seeing error messages, please ensure you have Xamarin.iOS for VS 1.8 installed. Here's a direct link to Xamarin.iOS for VS 1.8.

Portable Class Library support added

  • You can now select Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android as target frameworks for Portable Class Libraries
  • For more information, check out our new Portable Class Library document.

Bug Fixes

  • 14129: SIGILL or SIGSEGV when executing on Krait CPUs.
  • 15542: Default sample fails on pre-Honeycomb devices with a CloneNotSupportedException.

Integrated Mono features/fixes

Based on Mono 3.2.3 commit 433017c0.

Xamarin.Android 4.10.0

New Features

  • Visual Studio 2013 Support
  • Visual Studio changes:
    • The device chooser dialog (which would appear from Debug > Start Debugging) has been removed. Use the Xamarin.Android toolbar (View > Toolbars > Xamarin.Android).
    • The Toolbar now includes simulators and attached devices. When selected, simulators will transition from A (Available) to S (Starting) to just then name when finished running.
  • Added Java.Interop.JavaLibraryReferenceAttribute.SourceUrl property.
  • Add FragmentManager.FindFragment*<T>() utility methods.
  • Add Java.Lang.Throwable.Class property.
  • Generate a warning if IJavaObject is implemented without inheriting from Java.Lang.Object.
  • Java Binding project can import javadoc and generate .NET XML documentation with new Build action JavaDocIndex on the JavaDoc's index.html. Note that this works only for standard default doclets.
  • AndroidEnvironment files now can be embedded in Android libraries. They are automatically extracted at application build time.
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 support added to OpenTK.

Known Issues

  • Packages built with Xamarin.Android 4.10.0 will not run on pre-Honeycomb Android devices. This will be fixed in 4.10.1.

Bug fixes

  • 10948: Need to allow overriding Reference Assemblies path.
  • 11179: BINDINGSGENERATOR unknown parameter type warnings need more context.
  • 12739: System.IO.MemoryMappedFile implementation nonfunctional (cannot p/invoke to getpagesize()).
  • 12995: SIGSEGV in MonoIO sample.
  • 13388: Support $(AndroidUseLastetPlatformSdk) on Windows.
  • 13480: Better disambiguiate string marshaling.
  • 13741: Properly marshal null strings.
  • 13858: SIGSEGV from Dalvik when the GC prematurely collects an object.
  • 13861: Add linker script to handle IReadOnlyCollection.
  • 13926: NUnitLite text wrapping, output not readable.
  • 14033: Cannot build Android project due to recursive activation.
  • 14048: [VS] Application Icon missing - and no warning when publishing
  • 14106: Add Assert.Throws<T>()/etc. to Xamarin.Android.NUnitLite.dll.
  • 14316: System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceContext doesn't work reliably when linker is enabled.
  • 14210: Some GridLayout.Alignment properties are not static or missing.
  • 14255: App using Component with bundled resources fails to compile on Windows / VS.
  • 14314: Trial Splash Screen Issue.
  • 14436: Xamarin.Android.NUnitLite StackTrace goes out of the window (no scrolling bar).
  • 14442: Xamarin.Android.NUnitLite "RunTests" button goes out of screen (no scrolling bar).
  • 14542: Library projects should not have Trial resources embedded.
  • 14677: javac error when overriding AbsListView.Adapter.
  • 14820: NullReferenceException when binding a .jar file.
  • 14942: debugger errors with "Incorrect number or types of arguments" on showing .ToString() of value type containing nested value types
  • 14968: Proxy detection throws URISyntaxException.
  • 14999: Fix instance mapping.
  • 15050: Don't die with a SIGSEGV when invoking methods on null Java methods.
  • 15119: Build error uses wrong product name.
  • 15129: GooglePlayServices' GooglePlayServicesUtil.GetErrorDialog throws ResourceNotFound Exception.
  • 15162: Rebuild solution rebuilds everything when Android Resources are used in Library projects.
  • 15214: Retrieving System.Globalization Culture info returns Invariant info.
  • 15297: expected return type 'L' calling Landroid/text/SpannableString;.getSpanFlags.
  • 15301: [VS] Devices do not show in the new device drop down.

Integrated Mono features/fixes

Based on Mono 3.2.3 commit a812e9a24.

  • 1540: Debugger occasionally crashes on break.
  • 4668: xsd does not handle defaults for decimal types correctly
  • 6095: Flawed BlockingCollection(T).TakeFromAny Implementation - Only Blocks On First Collection
  • 7126: Violating the rules of AssemblyBuilderAccess.Save results in assertion failure
  • 7829: DynamicILInfo.GetTokenFor() throws InvalidCastException for Constructor.
  • 8637: XDocument doesn't honor XDeclaration.Encoding.
  • 8719: User-Agent parsing incorrectly via ProductInfoHeaderValue in System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage.
  • 10001: Bug in HttpResponse.TransmitFile involving Chuncked transfer encoding.
  • 10194: XElement.SetElementValue doesn't handle the case where the element doesn't exist AND value == null.
  • 10782: Step out and step in steps over outside call.
  • 11294: Mono ignores TypeForwardedFrom when serializing.
  • 11298: XElement.ReplaceAttributes acts incorrectly.
  • 11910: XmlConvert.VerifyXmlChars throws NotImplementedException.
  • 12035: XmlSchema error with inheritance and nillable elements.
  • 12469: Processing of atomic datatypes in XML schema not working.
  • 12640: Switch from Wifi with Proxy > 3G causes issue, as does 3G > Proxy.
  • 12745: TaskAwaiter.GetResult() throws an exception if the task hasn't completed.
  • 12777: FileStream.BeginWrite maxing out CPU with no progress on second callr
  • 13110: StructuralComparisons.StructuralEqualityComparer doesn't compare array of integers correctly.
  • 13200: System.Net.Http.HttpClient Timeout seems to be ignored.
  • 13318: Task.Delay hangs with custom TaskScheduler.
  • 13336: Default value of indexer parameter is not read.
  • 13435: SIGSEGV instead of CustomAttributeFormatException.
  • 13485: DataContractJsonSerializer Does Not Deserialize Private Properties.
  • 13501: Pragma header parsing incorrectly on HttpResponseHeaders.
  • 13552: Memory leak in CyclicDeque class when growing.
  • 13626: System.Reflection.RuntimeReflectionExtensions wrong content all methods.
  • 13716: XmlResolver (via XmlReaderSettings) is not invoked.
  • 13742: SynchronizationContext.SetWaitNotificationRequired not implemented.
  • 13767: Assertion: should not be reached at class.c:6253.
  • 13813: Mono crashes when AppDomains are created in parallel (few).
  • 13817: BindingFlags.OptionalParamBinding behaves differently to .NET.
  • 13927: Wrong result of double cast conversion.
  • 13951: Threads stuck in suspend state with sgen on stack.
  • 13953: RSACryptoServiceProvider.SignData() doesn't support OID providers.
  • 13970: Guid.Parse does not throw FormatException<code> when missing single trailing char in segment. </li> <li> <a href="https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=14032" target="_blank">14032</a>: Closing <code>GZipStream raises ObjectDisposedException.
  • 14058: Assertion at debugger-agent.c:5101, condition `tls->context.valid' not met.
  • 14069: NullReferenceException thrown when calling a callback from an Interop (signature decorated with InAttribute).
  • 14073: Mono hangs running mono/tests/gsharing-valuetype-layout.exe.
  • 14077: HashSet capacity increases on every deserialization.
  • 14168: TypeInfo is not correct for a generic type.
  • 14185: Swedish CultureInfo has incorrect negative number sign.
  • 14339: SGEN: Assertion: should not be reached at sgen-scan-object.h:111.
  • 14515: ParallelEnumerable.Range() yields incorrect values when "start" parameter > 1.
  • 14585: Incorrect Task.WhenAny() behavior with Task.Delay.
  • 14632: Array.FindLastIndex is not equal to .NET Array.FindLastIndex.
  • 14644: Simultaneous web requests.
  • 14783: HttpClient fails on result 302.
  • 14824: AggregateException.GetBaseException differs in Mono and .net 4.5.
  • 14834: SIGSEGV in mono-sgen caused by __GNU_C__ optimization of OBJ_BITMAP_FOREACH_PTR (__builtin_ctz).
  • 14839: TaskFactory.ContinueWhenAny is broken.
  • 14951: System.Text.Encoding for ISO-2022-JP is broken.
  • 15036: Entire Task.ContinueWith chains remain kept alive by final reference.
  • 15169: DataContractJsonSerializer doesn't support deserializing relative Uris.
  • 15289: IConvertibale interface method error.

API Changes

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.