Xamarin.Android 4.16

The Xamarin.Android 4.16 series contains various bug fixes.

Note: Xamarin.Android 4.16 is the first release that was tested with and recommends JDK 1.7. JDK 1.6 can continue to be used.

Xamarin.Android 4.16.0

New Features

  • Automatically building a separate .apk for each ABI works.
  • OpenTK AndroidGameView can now run rendering loop on non-UI thread to achieve more fluent rendering.

Known Issues

  • This release unfortunately broke debug.mono.log handling; the debug.mono.log system property is ignored. Within Xamarin.Android 4.16, set the debug.mono.debug system property instead. The debug.mono.log system property will be fixed in Xamarin.Android 4.18.

Bug fixes

  • 2139: Support opengl context sharing across threads.
  • 2257: Unable to reference a <color> element if its name contains an upper case.
  • 8182: OpenTK app + Intent.CreateChooser() crashes.
  • 13974: CopyMdbFiles task in Xamarin.Android.Common.targets doesn't work for read-only files.
  • 17146: Reference jars from referenced dlls are not passed to jar2xml with JavaLibraryReference.
  • 18798: Root element within .axml is not "fixed up"/replaced with ACW name.
  • 19748: Android build tools should use aapt --max-res-version, with the API level that the app is compiled against.
  • 20084: Error executing task BuildApk: Out of memory.
  • 20172: System.TimeZone.CurrentTimeZone.GetUtcOffset(DateTime.Now) returns wrong value.
  • 20179: PCLv2 facade assemblies aren't installed when required.
  • 20555: Xamarin.Android.NUnitLite also implements System.SerializableAttribute that causes ambiguous reference with System.SerializableAttribute in System.dll.
  • 20605: Xam 3.1 Alpha: AIDL using android.os.Bundle gets bad case translation to Android.Os.Bundle (should be Android.OS.Bundle).
  • 20624: [Deploy] Xamarin.Android.Platform.apk generation hardcodes android-8.
  • 20631: Xamarin.Android.Platform.apk signing is failing due to (NO_CERTIFICATES).
  • 20748: Last stack trace entry truncated.
  • 20926: GooglePlayServices component sample and others are failing to build.
  • 22032: BuildApk task fails on Windows due to a path being too long.
  • 22074: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Net.Sqlcipher.ICursorInvoker' from assembly 'SQLCipherBindingLibrary
  • 22125: Two component sample build regressions due to resource issues.

Integrated Mono features/fixes

Based on Mono 3.8.0 commit 21112244.

  • 358: Registry's UserStore hardcodes a path in user's home directory.
  • 16439: Exception thrown in async call is bypassing catch block.
  • 16990: ConcurrentDictionary lacks proper support for Contains(KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>.
  • 18371: Incorrect Object not compatible with constrained type at 0x000a.
  • 19058: SIGSEGV signal in mono_signature_hash.
  • 19287: JavaScriptSerializer deserializes nullable enum as always null.
  • 19343: SIGSEGV crash in garbage collector.
  • 19460: View Accessor for Zero byte file MemoryMappedFile.
  • 19924: Step over AppDomain.Unload results into continued execution.
  • 20020: CustomMarshaler in referenced assembly.
  • 20108: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly 'System.ServiceModel.Security, Version=, Culture=.
  • 20244: isinf() check fails when compiling with CLANG.
  • 20360: FileStream Read on created Thread hangs the app after time.
  • 20412: * Assertion at method-to-ir.c:12061, condition `handler_offset != -1' not met
  • 20456: System.Numerics : BigInteger construction from byte array.
  • 20503: GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers() doesn't wait for pending finalizers.
  • 20582: Compute method of System.Data.DataTable not using Invariant Culture to evaluate expressions.
  • 20583: ReadAsStreamAsync returns 0 length stream over SSL.
  • 20591: MemoryMappedFile CreateNew aborts on using statement.
  • 20616: Segmentation fault when running System.ServiceModel tests.
  • 20672: ListChangedEventArgs.PropertyDescriptor is always null in BindingList.ListChanged event args.
  • 20674: Marshalling structs with strings fails.
  • 20788: marshal7: test hardcodes the wrong structure size for 32-bit Intel Linux
  • 20818: System.Net.Http.DelegatingHandler.Dispose() throws NullReferenceException if InnerHandler not assigned.
  • 20870: Enum.TryParse does not work with leading whitespace.
  • 20922: Array.Sort() GeneratesGarbage.
  • 21017: ConnectCallback needs to call EndConnect.
  • 21069: CloseTest and OpenTest4 in CustomPeerResolverServiceTest occasionally time out.
  • 21196: newobj does not recognise closed delegate.
  • 21375: Dictionary<GUID, float> uses more memory with Mono vs .NET
  • 21388: DeclaringType property getter on a GenericParameter crashes the VM (in certain cases)
  • 21645: Slow invocation of generic method on value type.

API Changes

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.